6 Ways To Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites

If you come across the pests at home, it is going to be problematic. If mosquitoes come and bite you, it would cause itchy skin and sometimes inflammation too. There are a few ways that you can use to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Of course, using the right pest control techniques can help. You can even check out organic pest control. But a few preventive solutions will work in the best possible way.

  1. Use a natural mosquito repellent

It is vital that you use a natural mosquito repellent and that will help you in keeping the mosquitoes away. You can use water and lavender oil spray and spray the same in all the corners of the premise. The mosquitoes will go away once they come across such a smell. You can even buy organic repellents and use them to repel the mosquitoes.

  1. Avoid accumulation of standing water or dampness on your premise

Mosquitoes quickly get attracted to a place where there would be too much dampness or where there will be standing water. So, try to avoid such conditions. Whenever you come to cross such areas, just get rid of the moisture from there.

  1. Get pest control in your home

You can rely on pest control spraying and that will be a good way to remove the pests. This also includes mosquitos’ removal.

  1. Let the fan be on

You might have seen that in the places where there is the movement of air, the mosquitoes won’t come generally. So, keep your fan on and you will see that the mosquitoes will not come near you to bite you.

  1. Use eucalyptus oil on your clothes

As per the available research, eucalyptus oil is one such remedial measure that can help in getting rid of mosquitoes. Just apply this oil a bit on the clothes and the mosquitoes won’t come near you.

  1. Sleep inside the mosquito net

If you take the relevant steps while sleeping then you can surely keep away from the mosquito bites. You should sleep inside this net at night and it will help.

The above six methods are truly effective in keeping away from mosquitoes. Thus, you can stay away from the bites too. But what you need to do is check out the relevant solutions. Preventive measures will always help and for that, you need to be aware of how to get ahead.


Mosquito bites can lead to health issues or some sort of inflammation on your skin. With general mosquito control, you can keep the mosquitoes away. But the above methods will give you the best solutions. Keeping your home clutter-free will also work wonders and can give you the right direction. So, be ready to make things work the way you want. You need to find out the cause of mosquitoes and fight off the cause first. This will then help you to make the right options. So, be clear about how you wish to take things ahead.

Sand flies are known to be provoking, leeching insects and they can be found commonly in the dusty or sandy locality.  They are also called horse flies. The bites by sand flies often turn to itch and become a large red spot on the bitten skin. The flies not only cause itching but also various sorts of diseases, some common diseases can be pappataci fever and leishmaniasis. The most invasion from these sand flies occurs mostly between June to August, as it is based on the climate condition of the locality or area. Below are some important tips for getting rid of them and stopping them from causing any harm to you and your closed one’s.

Few Ways To Stop Them 

• Sand flies do get attracted to places which are warmer or in shiny material. To make sure they don’t attack your house, cover the windows with screens to stop them entering your house.

Window screens can be a good option because it maintains the gap for airflow to protect from flying insects from invading inside. Screens can also be used on doors if you have a habit of keeping the door open.

• Maintaining your garden can be the most important way of preventing sand flies. As you all know,  flies like to be in a place where trees and tall grass are present. If your garden has such specification, then you should most probably get a cut for it.

Sand flies often like weed plants to settle in. you can trim it to dismantle the whole weed plantation, it can give you big relief from flies. Use appropriate insecticide on plants without damaging them so that it restricts the flies.

• Sand flies or any sort of flies travel in dark places, if you go out for any occasion then you do have to make sure you wear clothes which are not so dark in colour.

If you have to see this as an example then wear dark clothes and go out for a walk in the evening you will see flies crawling all over you and at the same time if you wear any light-coloured clothes then flies will not crawl over you. This will help you from getting bitten by flies.

• You can stop sand flies on your own with some special methods or traditional techniques. It may help you in getting rid of these annoying flies.

Use remedies like Listerine, copra oil, peel from oranges and lavender oil which you can get from lavender flowers. These materials are said to work against sand flies and help you overcome such situations.

Take The Help Of Professionals 

Don’t take up such tasks on your own as it can cause harm to you and your precious time gets wasted too. Pest Control Kingston will give you the best fly control services you’d ask for. We have the appropriate pesticides for such flies that are environment friendly too. Our methods will help you in getting over such a hectic situation. We believe in giving our effective pest treatment at a budget you won’t disagree on. We have the best team who has years of experience. Book an appointment now.